Quality management audit in times of Covid-19

ISO 9001 Conformity confirmed again.

The Corona pandemic does not stop at certification companies either. That is why this year’s monitoring audit of Pleiger Elektronik’s quality management system took place under unusual conditions.

Extensive measures have been taken to protect all employees from contagion. In addition to shift work and mobile work, this also included travel and contact restrictions to and with employees of other companies. This, of course, made an upcoming audit to monitor the QM system by conventional means impossible.

The Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance LRQA, which carries out the certification, was flexible and offered the possibility of a remote audit. Through a web conference, the auditor, management and QMB were connected and processed all audit points. Participants from the various process areas were involved as required. In this process, we benefited from the fact that we have been implementing and managing employee access and additional components of the QM system in a server structure for a long time. The corresponding proof of the standard points was provided by means of the screen release or, in individual cases, by e-mail.

Despite the smooth running of the audit, we hope to be able to carry out the next audit in the usual way.