PPC – Pleiger Process Control

Redundant Process Control with Visualization

The PPC system consists of one or more IPCs with Soft PLCs that perform application-specific control functions.

When configured with multiple PLCs, the controllers are redundantly connected so that if one controller fails, one of the remaining PLCs can take over all functions. The transfer takes place automatically without the need for human intervention, since all configuration parameters and process data are exchanged cyclically between the controllers.

The systems are equipped with a visualization of the process pictures, which enables the operation of the system as a graphical user interface. The connection of up to 8 further operating stations is possible, so that the use can take place from different places.

A powerful IPC with interfaces for connecting peripheral devices and control systems is used. The process pictures are displayed on screens with optional touch or mouse operation. A module for remote access is optionally available. The system software as well as the configuration and process data can be saved on exchangeable flash memory modules. A reset to the delivery state and a complete configuration change are possible at any time by changing the memory module.


  • Powerful Soft-PLC with Visualization for a wide Range of Control and Regulation Tasks
  • Tried and Tested over many Years, Hardware and Software configurable according to Application
  • Robust Design, Designed for Use in Harsh Environments
  • Dimmable Touch Screen in 2k Resolution for complex Visualization
  • Variable Interface Equipment with OPC-UA, Ethernet, Modbus TCP + RTU e.g. for Connection of Pleiger Control Loop (PCL) and Pleiger Control Modules (PCM)
  • Configuration possible for Applications requiring High-Availability
  • Remote Maintenance and System Diagnostics Functions
  • Particularly Cost-Effective Alternative to Hardware PLCs
  • Panel, Console or Table Mounting possible
  • Extensive Range of I/O Modules and other Peripherals available


Marc Stoll
+49 2324 398-252

Peter Hotze
+49 2324 398-488