Bus Systems

PCL – Pleiger Control Loop

Power and Data Bus System with Redundancy

The Pleiger Control Loop is a fault-tolerant power and data bus. In conjunction with a control system such as the Pleiger Process Control System (PPC), it enables the control of actuators with simultaneous transmission of the required electrical power. The bus is characterized by great robustness. Typical application scenarios are applications that place special demands on redundancy and fail-safe functions.

A special bus cable is available as a system component, which bundles data and power cables and thus reduces the installation effort.

In the application, the system is configured with two master controllers PMC 2000, configurable for up to 250 bus nodes for the acquisition of analog and digital signals as well as the control of actuators. The masters are connected via a CAN bus. The masters are constantly synchronized via this connection, so that both masters always have identical process data and control commands. Communication with the PPC system and other control systems takes place via a redundant Modbus connection.

The bus nodes are connected via a special Modbus-based protocol. To improve system stability, the bus node connection can be divided into up to eight data loops and ten power loops. The transmission of the electrical power is designed for a voltage of 230 VAC. A total current of 16 A is possible per power loop. The bus nodes also have analog and digital inputs and outputs for connecting sensors, actuators or local control units.

Optionally, versions with approvals by ship classification societies (e. g. DNV-GL) are available.


  • Power and Data Bus for cost-effective System Design
  • High System Stability due to special Data Protocol
  • Divisible into up to 8 Data Loops and 10 Power Loops
  • Up to 10 x 16A at 230 VAC transferable
  • Configurable with local Control Unit
  • Redundant System Design with 2 Masters and up to 250 Bus Nodes possible


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