Pleiger 362MC

Double PID-Controller with independant actual value monitoring

The Pleiger Universal Controller 362 MC is a 2-way PID controller for influencing speeds, flows, pressures, temperatures and many other process variables. Designed for harsh environmental conditions, the Pleiger 362 MC is used in industrial applications, shipbuilding, process engineering and public utility networks.

The unit has two independent control loops that can be operated separately or cascaded. With the completely independent actual value monitoring with numerical LED display, the device can also be used in high-availability applications. The MCDiag service tool is available for convenient configuration.

It is operated via a membrane keypad with eight keys. A two-line LCD display serves as a display for setpoints and actual values, parameters and system settings. Versions with additional analog and digital inputs and outputs, power outputs and a serial data interface are optionally available. Extended functions such as additive feedforward control, setpoint programs and differential inputs can be selected from the series program.

The Pleiger 362 MC is available as an individual device or as a system component in conjunction with the Pleiger Process Control.


  • Configurable as 2-Point, 3-Point or 3-Point-Step Controller
  • Can be used Parallel or Cascaded
  • Independent Actual Value Monitoring with Separate Display
  • Service Interface for Parameterization and Data Logging
  • Extensive Functional Enhancements available


Guido Wolff
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Ahmet Kücük
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