TP26 / TP26-KM telecontrol substations can continue to be used in modern control technology environments.

In the power supply sector, many of the long-established and durable telecontrol devices of the TP26 and TP26-KM series are in use throughout Germany.

This leads to problems when renewing the control technology, since compatible data protocols are not in the portfolio of the large system manufacturers and a complete renewal of the substation technology causes considerable costs.

In cooperation with a Southern German energy supply company, the newly developed telecontrol node station based on the Pleiger telecontrol system PMC 2000 has now been successfully put into operation.

By means of the integrated protocol converter function TP26 telecontrol substations are connected to a control system with IEC 60870-5-101 protocol.
For communication with the TP26 telecontrol substations, 8 serial RS232 interfaces are available for coupling TP26 telecontrol lines.
Up to 8 TP26 telecontrol substations can be polled per telecontrol line.
The node software automatically converts commands, messages and general interrogations between TP26 protocol and IEC 60870-5-101 protocol.
An easy to create initialization file is used to parameterize the PMC 2000 telecontrol node station.
Transmission faults on the TP26 telecontrol lines and system faults of the node station are reported via a relay output card (da16).