New project management system in use

Successful introduction of a future-proof project planning system

Despite a relatively short implementation period, the project team of Pleiger Elektronik managed to integrate a new, up-to-date and future-proof project management system into the Pleiger data infrastructure and to introduce it in the departments involved before Christmas.

The definition of the requirements contained a number of key points which had to be met as far as possible. This covers a range from simple usability and multi-project capability, to the clear planning view (Gantt Chart) and clear progress display with indication of the need for action, to the secure storage of the central database on the in-house server. After extensive research and detailed testing, we decided on the software “A-Plan” developed and maintained in Germany by Braintool from Stuttgart.

The first projects have been introduced and improvements in the processes can already be seen. The planning aids and more extensive hour recording and forecasting functions have increased the clarity of projects in development and project planning. Resources can be better planned, and deadlines become more “stable”. Flexibly configurable protocols and diagrams help the project engineers and the management with cost control and optimization.