Major shipbuilding project in China

VRC system for 80,000 DWT heavy-duty ship

Despite the current difficult situation in global shipbuilding, Pleiger succeeded in getting the contract for a large shipbuilding project from a South Chinese shipyard. It is a valve remote-control system (VRC) with over 600 valves, more than 150 tanks and numerous safety functions.

Semi-submersible ships are the only vessels capable of loading, transporting and off-loading extremely heavy equipment. These mighty ships are used to carry entire gas refineries, huge oil drilling rigs, and even warships and submarines, on lengthy journeys across the globe.

Imagine an area of 2 soccer fields in a row, which can be lowered about 15m below the water line.

The cargo to be loaded floats above it and will be taken by lifting the ship. This ship carries total loads of up to 80,000 tons (DWT dead weight tons).

This loading/unloading process is monitored from the control room on the bridge via Pleiger control stations. Further control levels and components are distributed throughout the ship. The complete system is built redundantly, both in terms of control technology and pipelines. Even in the almost impossible case of a failure of the main and emergency power supply, two uninterrupted power supplies of 30kVA each ensure that the necessary safety-relevant valves are operated and an accident is avoided.

Additional parts of the control system provide fuel supply to the machines, drainage, ventilation, tank content and depth measurement and control of deflection.