The equipment and system developments as well as realized projects shown here as an example reflect our experience in the areas of system planning, hardware and software development and provide an overall view of our experience in process engineering.

On the basis of our equipment and system developments such as

  • electronic controllers
  • programmable logic controller
  • 3-channel programmable logic controller
  • microprocessor control system
  • 2-channel microprocessor control system
  • microcontroller compact control systems
  • various hardware components and microcontroller modules

we have thus been able to realize the projects in the exemplary listed areas

e.g. Servo and proportional hydraulics

  • synchronization control of hydraulic motors for particle board extrusion,
  • load-controlled speed regulation of hydraulic motors for centrifuges,
  • control and regulation of hydraulic motors for coke oven charging and discharging cars.

e.g. Measuring, controlling and regulating techniques

  • full automatic steam control systems for sand-lime and gas concrete brick production,
  • automation of equipment for melting, reacting and casting of plastic raw materials,
  • automation of complete textile dyeing plants,
  • automation of valve test stands.

e.g. Shipbuilding techniques

  • control of cooling water circuits for main and auxiliary engines,
  • automation of complete ballast, bilge and fuel oil systems as well as pumps, fans, compressors and other aggregates.

e.g. Power station engineering

  • 3-channel burner controls for high-capacity power station,
  • 2-channel control of fuel / air mixtures for medium-sized steam generators.

e.g. Telecontrol technique

  • telecontrol systems,
  • report generation systems for telecontrols,
  • AF-ripple telecontrol systems.

e.g. Development of customized systems

  • injection moulding machine control units,
  • leak detecting systems for fuel oil pipelines,
  • telecontrol and data transmission components.