Supervisory techniques

Over the last decades Pleiger Electronics has developed the most varied solutions for central operation and visualization tasks that could be realized using the respective state-of-the-art equipment. In this way for instance monitor user interfaces for injection moulding machines were already realized at the end of the seventies and central process control stations for machines in textile dyeing plants at the beginning of the eighties.
The functionality of operation and the operation-oriented expressiveness of the visualization and logging were and still are a top priority for Pleiger process control solutions.

Therefore additionally developed software components that exceed pure operation and display functions, are very frequently a constituent part of our deliveries, e.g. Pleiger's source/target control solution.

PPC Pleiger Process Control
Our current supervisory system is based on powerful, industrially tried and tested PC hardware adapted appropriately to the relevant requirements.
We use Windows® NT or Windows® 2000 respectively as operating system and Fix 32TM by Intellution® as software basis for the graphical interface.

A continually growing archive of self-developed and tested function modules for the operation and visualization in graphically designed and additionally superimposed windows supports our planning during the production of process pictures.

Our process control is applied in control techniques, ship automation and plant automation in the most varied configurations using the appropriate drivers for our process measuring and control equipment and systems as well as for standard PLC systems.

Please check whether your process task may also require a reasonably priced and powerful supervisory solution.
Speak to us and we would be happy to work out a plan with you.