Ship electronics

Since the beginning of Pleiger's electronics activities components and equipment for ship electronic systems have also been developed and produced. This includes the extremely successful Pleiger controllers, the reliable functionality of which proves their worth every day on more than 2000 ships.
Knowledge of the operating conditions on board seagoing ships as well as the special demands on electronic components and equipment were the basis for the expansion of the activities. Today Pleiger supplies complete automation solutions customized for ships in addition to interface components and equipment.

A few examples of our ship electronic products are described in the following sections.

Control modules for electro-hydraulic valve actuators are important multi-functional components in many valve control systems for ballast, bilge, fuel-oil and cargo.
They enable the control and monitoring of the individual actuator

  • from the process control level during remote operation
  • via a mimic using control switches and LEDs during remote operation and
  • via their own operating elements in backup mode.

In addition to this EHS-CMs support the setting of the end position feedback signals of the actuators and take over the monitoring of the running times.

Control cabinets
The knowledge of specific ship requirements becomes obvious using the example of our control cabinets for shipbuilding. The requirement-oriented style of our cabinets and desks as well as the function-oriented, service friendly installation of the components reflect the efficiency of our planning and switch cabinet construction departments.

When supplying complete control systems, modern PLC and field bus techniques are also used in addition to function-oriented control cabinets with efficient electronic components. Apart from basic control functions, locking, monitoring and automated switch and control sequences are planned here using software. In addition, these systems are often operated, visualized and monitored via th Pleiger Process Control system (PPC for short). Here the operation is simplified by using functional designed process pictures. On one or more network PC workstations the required control procedures are powerful supported.

Examples for Pleiger ship electronic systems are:

  • Source/target control for ballast, bilge and fuel-oil systems
  • Single valve control, bunker valve automatic control, tank heating regulation
  • Tank content visualization, control of pumps and standby pumps