Control techniques

Electronic controllers and components for process measuring and control technology have been developed and produced at Pleiger for decades and supplied to the most varied areas of industry. For example, Pleiger controllers are successfully in use in important control circuits on more than 2000 ships.

Universal PID Controller 362MC
The application-related functionality of the 362MC controller also based on this experience. One of the 362MC characteristics is simple operation supported by an efficient, multi-language operator guide with clear texts. The use of industrially proved microelectronic components in connection with the most modern production procedure guarantees the same robust standard that a customer can rightfully expect of a Pleiger controller.

362 MC

  • two separate multi-point or continuous controllers
  • modular structured microcontroller hardware
  • efficient, additional software functions
  • easy-to-understand menu guided operation
  • freely selectable process data display
  • adjustable parameter profiles for many applications
  • software-independent backup operation
  • diagnosis and field bus interface

Controlled by the parameters, the structure of both efficient 362MC software controllers is adapted to the respective task setting. Adjustments are possible from the simplest P controller to the PI, PD, PID or even PID cascade controller, selectively switching output, multipoint output or continuous output. Assisted by parameter profiles, all parameters for an application can be pre-adjusted in just one step. The connection and system fault alarm simplifies commissioning and troubleshooting.

The 362MC also offers adapted solutions to complex controlling tasks on particularly problematic controlled systems, e.g. by means of optional function extensions like trend compensation or disturbance feed forward control.

As optional function extension "set-point programme", a time schedule programme is connected before both controllers of the 362MC. They take on the control of the timed set-point and ensure the gradient controlled transition between stationary states. As a result the 362MC can be used without additional control modules, e.g. for tool heating, process autoclaves or climatic engineering.
Commissioning and diagnostic tasks are efficiently supported by the service interface (RS323) with front access and the Pleiger PC service programme McDiag (runs on Windows 95 / NT 4.0). The adjustment documentation is simplified considerably by this.

The optional communication interface (RS485 or RS422) using field bus

standards (MODBUS) offers an easy method of coupling the 362MC controllers to central monitoring and control systems. Pleiger controllers are type approved and certified by the majority of ship classification companies.

Control technique systems
As a manufacturer of electronic controllers with our own project department we are, of course, also involved in the planning and delivery of complete control technique systems. In addition to our controllers we use modern PLC techniques, our measurement and control components, our supervisory technique system as well as actuators and sensors on this occasion. The extensive know-how of our experienced project engineers as well as efficient switch cabinet construction rounds off our possibilities efficient.

Tell us your process task and together with you we will compile a technically sturdy and reasonably priced solution.

You can also find further information on this in Plant automation and Supervisory techniques.

Process measuring and control technique components
As system supplier of complete control technique systems we often require process measuring and control technique components in our projects that supplement our products with functional efficiency. However, the selection of such components sometimes leads to availability or cost problems.

In these cases we make use of the possibilities of our own hardware development and production. In this way, for example, electronic modules were created for the driving of servo and proportional hydraulics as well as interface electronics for PLC applications, to name just a few.

You can also make direct use of the application-oriented knowledge and experience of our hardware and software development. We offer you the concentration of our knowledge of the most modern microelectronics and rational production engineering so that you can spare your personnel resources.

We develop and produce your modules or equipment according to your instructions.