Ship electronics

Pleiger solutions for the shipbuilding industry are increasingly being equipped with electric and electronic components. They have already been powerfully supplemented for years by software functions in PLC systems, BUS systems as well as PC control stations.

A lot of applications, adapted to the respective mechanical engineering systems, are put into operation on board ships, for instance for the automation of:

  • Valve control systems for ballast, bilge, fuel oil and cargo systems,
  • Fuel oil bunker systems,
  • Tank content acquisition and visualisation,
  • Control systems for pumps and standby pumps.

Pleiger ship electronics applications are solutions adapted to the requirements of on-board operation that make a long-term contribution towards easing the burden on the operating staff.

  • The Pleiger source/target control system for ballast, bilge and fuel oil systems that relieves the operator of the ever-recurring selection processes of single valves for pump operation and their monitoring, is an example for this. Only the selection of pump operation by the selection of the source and target tank is necessary. The source/target control system takes on automatic opening and closing of the appropriate valves, monitoring of the valves and pumps and automatic stop upon reaching the required tank level. At the same time, inadmissible pump operation is already prevented during selection and alternative paths are automatically switched, if possible, following pump faults. As a result, the Pleiger source/target control system lastingly increases the reliability of operation.

Have you also already given thought to not being satisfied with just one simple remote control but to integrating helpful functions?

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