Plant automation

Pleiger applications for plant automation, i.e. project work with electronic engineers who put cooperation with mechanical engineering engineers into practice every day within the group of companies and who know and understand their language. You will be given optimised solutions on a variety of hardware platforms on the basis of the available experience achieved from successfully realised system solutions for mechanical and plant engineering for tasks such as:

  • control of actuators, motors, cylinders (electric or hydraulic),
  • control of temperatures, pressures, speeds, positions, etc.
  • acquisition of messages, conditions and measured values,
  • display and visualisation of digital, analogue and numerical values,
  • input and operation; as individual action or programme-controlled,
  • alarms and protocols as well as data exchanges with other systems.

Pleiger system automation is also always an important step towards process optimisation.
For example, on the Pleiger system automation in the area of sand-lime brick production (KS) valves are operated and controlled, selected programmes worked through, conditions and measured values displayed, recorded and archived. However, these actions are a means to a specific end.

As a result, operating sequences are standardised, quality requirements ensured during production and energy and labour costs reduced by Pleiger’s KS automation.

Are you also giving thought to the optimisation of your process sequences?

Have a word with us; together with you we’ll work-out a solution.