Control techniques

Control technique systems using Pleiger electronic controllers such as the universal PID controller 362MC, are the successful solution in a variety of applications.

Applications such as:

  • cooling circuit control on large engines as
    • outlet temperature control,
    • outlet temperature control with trend compensation of the inlet temperature,
    • outlet temperature control with disturbance feed forward control of the engine power,
  • cooling circuit control on auxiliary aggregates,
  • thermal oil pre-heating on machines,
  • heating control on tanks,
  • differential pressure control on pump throttle valves,

belong to the constantly recurring tasks.

In addition, further solutions that do not require additional control modules are provided by means of time schedule set-point programme control with gradient-controlled transitions for

  • temperature equalisation of larger tools,
  • process autoclave control,
  • many air-conditioning technology applications

by using our 362MC controller with the “set-point programme“ functional extension.
Incidentally: Two independent software controllers that can be parameterised are waiting for your applications in every 362MC. This considerably extends its application possibilities in many processes.

The extensive know-how of our experienced process engineers is at your disposal during the planning phase of your control-engineering task. We advise, plan and specify solutions in the area of process measuring and control technology.

Have a word with us; we are sure to find a solution for your tasks.